Rates for solid waste removal and water rates will be going up over the next nine months after a vote by the Youngsville City Council.

The rate increase will happen to in two phases.

The council vote on Thursday night gave approval to city CEO Rick Garner's idea to have a phased in increase.

The increases for solid waste will mean bills will go from $16 to $17 dollars starting on December 1, while another rate increase will happen in July of next year, when bills go up to $18 a month.

The cost of water will stay the same at $10.50; however, but the rate of $2.50 per 1,000 gallons used will increase to $2.70 on Dec. 1 and again to $2.80 on July 1.

Garner says the rates need to go up because the city will continue to lose money if they don't have increases.