If you have holiday travel plans that will find you hitting the roads there is good news. You probably won't have to pay as much to fill up your gas tank as you have had to pay in previous holiday driving seasons. The American Automobile Association says that gas prices for December could be at a seven year low in many places across the state and across the country.

According to projections the current average price for a gallon of regular gas across the state is $1.86 per gallon.  Donald Redman a fuel analyst with AAA told the Louisiana Radio Network that price could be even lower in the coming weeks.

That's when we were looking at mid to late December of gas prices statewide at about the $1.60 range.

Redman said projections earlier in the year had the December price at an average of $2.00 per gallon but it appears as though the projections were quite a bit off. In Louisiana the price of a gallon of regular fuel dropped .04 cents over the last week. That makes a drop of .08 cents since last month and when you compare this year to last year, gas prices are about .72 cents lower than this time in 2014.

And it has influenced traveling. People are either going further or choosing to stay longer. It's certainly been great for the family.

Redman says don't rule out prices below $1.60 in the first part of 2016. Most fuel prices forecasters are suggesting that the decline is not done yet.