A Lafayette official says he's drafting a proposal to limit the types of flags that can be flown on government property after hearing complaints about a gay pride flag being hoisted temporarily in a local park.Andy Naquin, a Lafayette City-Parish councilman, tells The Daily Advertiser that he was contacted by a military veteran who was offended that a gay pride group flew the rainbow flag on Lafayette Consolidated Government property.

Naquin says he agrees with the veteran. He also says he's working with the city-parish attorney on drafting an ordinance, but did not immediately discuss the matter with other council members.

"My issue is not with the organization that the flag represents at all," says Naquin. "My issue is with the fact that any private organization which excludes anybody can be flown on a government-property flag pole."

Naquin expects the ordinance would allow the flying of only American, Louisiana and Acadian/Lafayette Consolidated Government flags, and possibly Mardi Gras flags, on government property.

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