Last Friday at CMA Music Fest in Nashville there was a special tribute to George Jones called "Remembering George Jones". The Possum's wife Nancy and several of George's "closet entertainment friends" were invited to the special remembrance panel.

In addition to Nancy, others in attendance were Randy Travis, Jamey Johnson, John Rich, Bobby Birkhead (longtime drummer and tour manager for George) and more were part of the celebration.

In remembering her late husband, Nancy went from tears to laughter back to tears. A special moment happened when Randy Travis performed a new song called "Tonight I'm Playing Possum."

The part of the whole celebration that still has everyone talking is when Nancy talked about the last words uttered by her husband. She said George's last words were, "Hiya. I've been looking for you. I'm George Jones." She added, "I believe he was introducing himself to God."