You can't beat a good steak.  Whether you are someone that loves a good Filet Mignon or you just want some beef and you want it now, Stu Gonsuron has some tips for you, no pun intended.  He stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home today and talked steak.

Gonsuron said that you need to pick the right steak for you.  It is important that you know what one is your best.  He suggested a New York Strip

I find a New York Strip, you get a really consistent fat to meat ratio throughout the whole cut of meat.

Gonsuron went on to discuss different cuts of steak, like a Porterhouse, T-Bone or Sirloin.

In terms of what to do with seasoning, there are many ways to go, but for Gonsuron, he says to keep things simple.

For me it's just kosher salt and black pepper.

Hear the entire conversation with Stu Gonsuron below: