Want to do something really easy to lessen the chance that you might get some types of cancer?  Then you need to get up out of that chair!

The latest information from the American Institute for Cancer Research, which was released at their conference yesterday, indicates that the more time you sit, the more chance you have of developing some types of cancer.

Who would have thought that sitting all the time would increase your cancer possibilities, but the latest research shows it to be the case when talking about breast or colon cancer.  The research is not saying if you sit in a chair your chances go up, but it is the amount of time you spend sitting in that chair that make the difference.

Prolonged periods of sitting could lead to an increased risk for breast or colon cancer.  The new study suggests as many as 90-thousand new cases of the diseases are caused each year by too much sitting and not enough exercise. 

So what are you suppose to do if you are a computer programmer, telemarketer, secretary or anyone who sits in chair all day long?  You have got to get up and move! 

Researchers are urging people with desk jobs to get up and move around for at least one to two minutes every hour.  The research will be presented today at this year's American Institute for Cancer Research conference in Washington, DC.