Coming up during the first week of August, Louisiana citizens will have the change once again to save money on their purchases during the Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday.  Another holiday was held earlier in the year before hurricane season.

The two day event will be an opportunity for consumers to save money on items they want, and it will be an opportunity for parents to save a little bit of money when purchasing those school supplies.

Friday, August 3rd and Saturday August 4th will be the two days when residents can save.  Shoppers will be able to purchase items and not have to pay the four cents sales tax.  That means that the first 25-hundred dollars of each eligible item will be free of the tax.  Any local and parish taxes still apply unless your area has another exemption on those days.

Most things fall under the items that you can save on, but meals, hotel rentals and cars are some of the items that are not available for the tax exemption.

The state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Renee Amar says as for as the economy, the more people that shop, well "that's what we need right now."