State Representative John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) has been running for the Louisiana governorship for over a year now. Yet how much does the Louisiana voter really know about him, besides that (D) next to his name?

Well, if you don’t know much about him, let him introduce himself to you in his “About John Bel Edwards” video below.

Watching the bio, it’s obvious that family, faith and service to his country are very important to him, and it’s a message he wants you the voter to know as well.

His slogan #PutLouisianaFirst, is something that Louisianians can resonate with, especially with those on both sides of the aisle questioning if the current governor does the same with Louisiana.

Now, this is not a plea to vote for Edwards in the upcoming governor’s race. With announced competitors like frontrunner U.S. Sen. David Vitter, Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle and Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, Edwards certainly has his work cut out for him. Though, barring any more big names to enter, Edwards could have a shot to make it to the runoff against one of the aforementioned Republicans. This is just to allow you the opportunity to get to know a candidate more than just by the party he’s affiliated with, though some argue that (D) next to his name could very well hold him back from achieving his goal this fall.

I interviewed Edwards about this time last year, concentrating on issues facing the state that were prevalent then and are still prevalent now. Listen to that as well right here. If you’re a Republican, you might find yourself in agreement with him more than you think. If you’re a Democrat, you might find yourself wondering if there should be more people like him to represent your party. Or you might find yourself wanting to find out more about him, whether good or bad.

Watch Edwards’ bio below and comment with your thoughts.