A recent quote from a UL-Monroe Professor said that people making the choice to give money in Louisiana had only three logical choices for "southern candidates" for the office of President.  He went on to say that the choices were Newt Gingrich of Georgia, Rick Perry of Texas and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer.

Two observations I can make are simple.  First is the fact that Herman Cain hails from Georgia, so he should be added to the list.  Secondly, why do we need to look for someone who is from the south at all?  I certainly understand that the issues unique to the south would not be as readily understood by someone from Illinois or New York, but isn't that what having advisers is for?  A trained and steady adviser is ready to come at a candidate or a politician with information that is important to people in different areas of the country.  The candidate may be from another state, but when elected President, they might be from a state, but they represent all of us.

What it takes from us as voters is looking hard for someone that represents our values, regardless of where they are from.  Ronald Reagan was from California, but no one can doubt that he was exactly what this country needed at the time that he was elected.

While it might be appropriate to look for someone that is from our neck of the woods, I intend to look for a candidate for President that I think would be able to be good at the job and shares many of my values.  That is the first and best criteria for electing a President and what we need to be looking for.