Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for Firearms Friday today and strongly advised against making modifications to firearms without proper training,

According to Fleming,

It's best not to get into the internals of a weapon unless you know what you're doing.  You can do serious damage to the weapon, yourself or others.

We mentioned modifications such as shortening the barrel of a shotgun and Fleming said,

Unfortunately if you go below 18 inches on barrel length or 26 inches in overall length you've created an illegal weapon and can go to prison for your modification.

Fleming said the same type of regulations govern the modification of rifles.

We asked Fleming for recommendations for women who would like to conceal carry and he said,

I'm not going to say that women need to have a smaller handgun.  I've seen women shoot big caliber pistols I don't mess with...A lot of women prefer the .380 to carry...It will get the job done.  It's basically a nine millimeter round but just a bit shorter.

Fleming had more to say about conceal-carry, ammo shortages and target practice.  You can hear the rest of what he had to say here: