Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for 'Firearms Friday' today and discussed firearm safety, firearm education for children and Vice President Joe Biden's comments on personal protection.

We asked Fleming why there seemed to be some many accidental shootings and he replied,

There are no accidental shootings, only negligent discharges.  The first rule of gun ownership is 'it's loaded and even when it's not, act like it is'.

According to Fleming,

If you have small children in your home you have to teach them gun safety and use trigger locks and lock your weapons and ammo.

Recently Vice President Joe Biden said a woman should use a double barreled shotgun for protection because she could just fire two shots in the air and scare away an attacker.  Fleming said the Vice President's advice was not very good,

First off shooting from your front porch is illegal.  Secondly if you shoot two shots from a double barreled shotgun your weapon is now empty and if you didn't scare your attacker away you have a real big problem.  You have an empty weapon in your hand.  However a multi-shot shotgun using bird shot is good defensive weapon in a home environment because there is less chance of a round passing through a wall and injuring someone outside the home.

Listen to the interview: