Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and discussed a number items including:

  • Gun Safety
  • The UN arms treaty
  • Lack of common sense in Virginia 'air soft' case
  • The Kenyan mall attack
  • Open carry and common sense
  • Businesses leaving Illinois due to restrictive gun laws

According to Fleming there is another option for people that want to keep a loaded handgun nearby,

They have single pistol safes.  They work on different principals including combination locks and even finger print access.  That way they are accessible when needed but still safe if you have children in the house.

When asked if Secretary of State John Kerry signing the UN Arms Treaty had any importance Fleming said,

There's no reason to panic about this.  Yes, Kerry did sign the arms treaty.  Yes, I'm completely unhappy about that but here's the thing, the arms treaty must be endorsed by a total of 50 member nations.  Also the US Senate has to ratify the treaty...Since Kerry signed the treaty it remains in limbo.  Later on, 10, 20 years from now if there is a more favorable Senate it can be brought up again and passed.

In discussing the recent massacre of non-Muslims by extremist in Kenya Fleming said things could have been worse.

One former British Marine armed with only a pistol is credited with saving over a hundred lives by going back into the mall over a dozen times to grab people to bring them out.  So one man with a gun can make a difference.


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