Today on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming restated a basic safety rule,

You are the best safety a weapon has so with that in mind, always unload your rifle or shotgun when crossing a fence or getting out of a boat.  It's very easy to drop a weapon and have it discharge injuring you or worse.

Many people have asked Fleming what is the best handgun to buy to conceal-carry.  His response in part was,

What are you comfortable with or how much recoil are you comfortable with?  What is available and how much experience do you have with the type of gun that is available?

According to Fleming there are other considerations as well including the choice of a revolver over a semi-automatic gun.  Fleming said,

The revolver is going to be easier to fire in a stressful situation with minimum training.  Basically pull the trigger and it goes bang.  The semi-automatic weapon requires more training but will generally hold more rounds of ammunition and is easier to reload.

Fleming did not recommend buying something without at least holding it first.  He said at a gun show or retail outlet you could determine if the gun feels right in your hand and some indoor ranges will even let you rent guns to try.

To hear his specific recommendations for conceal-carry take a listen to the interview: