Glenn Fleming visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for Firearms Friday to discuss gun safety, common sense and gun ownership perception.  Fleming said some common sense needs to be exercised regarding guns and gun laws.  He noted,

Recently a seven year old child was suspended from school for three days for chewing off pieces of a pop-tart that made it look like a handgun.  In another instance three high school students were suspended from school for disarming another student who was pointing a loaded .22 caliber pistol at the head of another student.

According to Fleming there seems no be no rational approach to anything concerning guns.

  I just don't understand why a 7 year old gets suspended for eating something into the shape of something and in the other case someone gets suspended for saving somebody's life.

Nationwide, Fleming feels gun owners have a public relations problem.

Basically the problem is if we don't put forth a good effort as gun owners that we are not all crazy nuts we're in for some trouble.

In coming weeks we plan to discuss the right choice of weapon for personal protection for men and women.

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