Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' for 'Firearms Friday' and as usual had a gun safety tip for listeners as well as praise for Governor Bobby Jindal and the State Legislature and comments about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the UN, the White House and gun control.

With the programming change of 'Firearms Friday' moving to it's new time slot of 7:07am Fleming felt one safety tip in particular bore repeating,

It's an oldie but a goodie but I figured with a new time slot we might have new people listening so we'd start with a basic.  Always treat a gun as if it's loaded even if you know it isn't.  Even if a gun is unloaded, slide locked back...don't sweep people with the muzzle and always be aware of muzzle control.  Always think that the gun is loaded.  Complacency with a gun is a bad thing.

Fleming noted,

Many handguns today are equipped with laser sights and you should treat the laser like it's a bullet because if aimed into someone's eye you might blind them.

We asked Fleming how women should go about buying their first handgun for protection or sport and he replied,

I would suggest they go to a local gun store to get help buying a weapon that fits their hands and their needs.  Some indoor ranges also rent guns so you can try different ones without the expense of buying the wrong gun.

To hear what Glenn had to say about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Jindal, gun control laws and the UN take a listen to interview:

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