Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today on 'Firearms Friday' and answered a number of calls from listeners and discussed firearm safety and training in regards to children.

When if asked if there was any particular age to teach gun safety to children Fleming replied,

There is and it's pretty much an individual choice.  Regardless if you have guns or not you need to talk to your children about them because they're out there.  Some criminal idiot goes out and commits a crime and ditches the gun out in the woods and your child finds it.  He or she needs to know what to do.  Basically leave it alone and tell an adult....My way of thinking is the younger the better.  Kids are curious.

A KPEL listener called in to comment that in past years boys were taught firearm safety in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  To that Fleming responded with,

I agree. In my opinion firearm safety should be brought back into education.  They have sex ed from kindergarten on.  Sex won't kill you, guns will.

Another caller asked if it was possible to balance gun safety in the home with quick access to a gun for immediate protection.  Fleming said,

There's actually a thing called a 'gun vault' but it's not a vault in the tradition sense.  They are large enough to hold a loaded handgun and open quickly with a push-button combination.  An even quicker model reads a fingerprint to open.

Another caller asked if she could carry a handgun in her car for protection without a concealed carry permit and then take it into a hotel room while traveling.  You can hear Fleming's answer and a lot more by listening to the interview: