Glenn Fleming joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and covered topics including:

  • reloading ammunition
  • Merritt Landry shooting a burglar in New Orleans
  • concealed carry lifetime permits
  • Senator Ted Cruz and weapons for Syria

Fleming has witnessed the effects of bad ammunition reloads,

Guy brought in a pistol that was stuck.  It had a live round in it.  We had to completely disassemble the gun to extract the round.  What happened when he reloaded the round he didn't put any powder in.  He only put in the primer and then he hit the trigger which had just enough power to push the round into the barrel.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Fleming says he's seen someone double the amount of powder needed for a round of ammunition which caused the gun to explode when fired.

Yesterday, August 1, 2013 a new Louisiana state law when into effect granting lifetime concealed carry permits and Fleming said,

I'm pretty stoked about that.  Basically $500, take the class, fill out the paper work and as long as you are a Louisiana resident you're covered.

You can hear all of Fleming's comments and his response to listener questions by listening to Firearms Friday:

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