Glenn Fleming YouTube screen capture

Glenn Fleming from Acadiana Gun Works joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today for 'Firearms Friday' and noted positive changes in gun control laws, highlighted good use of a semi-automatic rifle in Alaska and discussed police overreaction in regards to wildlife.

As usual we started 'Firearms Friday' with a safety tip from Glenn who advised against looking down the barrel of a firearm to check if it's clear.  According to Fleming,

Everyone knows you should not look down the barrel of a gun but just recently a gentleman came by the shop and when asked to clear his weapon he looked down the barrel.  It's unsafe, pretty stupid and you probably will get laughed at if you don't accidentally shoot yourself.

Fleming seemed to be overjoyed with a news article from New York,

The editor of that New York newspaper who basically released a map of all the people who owned guns around that area got canned!

A new gun law is in the works and Fleming says,

The staff of Acadiana Gun Works and Chris Ortego are trying to introduce a new state law that will not only allow you to use deadly force for personal protection but protection of property.  Basically this is same type of law that Texas has.

There have been questions by gun control advocates about why a person would need a semi-automatic weapon with a multi-round magazine and Glenn noted a recent incident in Alaska that answered the questions.According to Fleming,

This guy was out hiking in the Anchorage area and a brown bear attacked him fortunately he was carrying an AK-74 which is a variant of the AK-47.  He shot the bear multiple times, the bear ran away a short distance and died and the guy wasn't's a 'win' situation.

Take a listen to 'Firearms Friday' to hear more on gun control law failures and how a SWAT team took out a fawn named Giggles.