Glenn Fleming joined us this morning for 'Firearms Friday' from the Knob Creek Gun Range in Kentucky during the semi-annual "World's Biggest Machine Gun Shoot".

Fleming said the event has something for competitors and casual shooters,

They do have a competition range for sub-machine guns but the place where I'm shooting is pretty much just a free-for-all.  Any kind of machine gun you got, bring it down and shoot.

We questioned Fleming about machine guns because it was our understanding that civilians were not allowed to own fully automatic weapons and he replied,

Ownership of fully automatic weapons is covered under the National Firearms Act.  You can buy machine guns and destructive devices like artillery.  The only thing that is not covered is flame throwers.

Later today Congress will begin debating gun control legislation that will include universal background checks and Fleming said,

Basically it sounds good on the surface except there are a lot of loopholes in the law and one of the largest is internet gun sales.

Listen to the interview: