A school in Massachusetts decided to teach their kids about something patriotic.  They put together a program that included songs that we would all know, including Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."  Except for one small thing, they decided that Mr. Greenwood's song was not appropriate for their purposes.  Because of that, they decided that the kids at this elementary school would sing their own version, without the word "God" in it.  They decided instead that they should have the kids sing, "I Love The USA."  They apparently didn't bother to tell parents or even ask the song's author, which happens to be Mr. Greenwood.  Eventually, after much complaint, the school removed the song entirely, but the story doesn't end there.

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes reports on this story, including Lee Greenwood's response to the school for taking the word "God" out of his song.

Talking about Lee Greenwood's reaction, Starnes said, "He was really so frustrated and confounded that a school would take that word out of his song."

Hear the complete interview below: