The New Orleans Saints open their 2014 home slate Friday night when their pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans.

Now, if you went to a Saints game last year, you noticed there were some new security guidelines that undoubtedly irritated some fans, especially those who didn't know about them and had to walk a long way to their car to put back the offensive item.

Those guidelines weren't put in by the was and remains and NFL policy.

So, if you're headed to New Orleans tomorrow or at any other time during the season, here are a few things to remember, courtesy of the Saints website.

Fans entering any gate at the Merdedes-Benz Superdome or Champions Square will be subject to a hand wand search.  That will cause delays entering either area.  Plan accordingly.

The NFL "clear bag" policy remains in effect.  You know how your kids backpacks have to be see-through.  Well, that's the case here also, except mesh doesn't cut it.  Fans can bring approved items in a plastic or vinyl bag that you can see through.  Also, fans can bring in a "clutch purse" which is roughly the size of an adult hand.  That's it.

The following video will give you some more insight into the size and types of bags approved:

Need a list of what's prohibited?  Well, it's a pretty long list so we'll refer you to the website itself by clicking here.  If you're headed to the game, take a gander so you won't be one of those making the hike to the car.