We all love fried food here in Louisiana, though we know they're not good for us.

It turns out it is good for something else: jet fuel.

Oil recycled from frying Cajun delights like cracklins and crawfish tails is first refined and then added to jet fuel, according to The Associated Press.

The mixture has already powered a Dutch airliner's is flight from New York to Amsterdam.

The KLM flights from Kennedy Airport are powered by a combination of 25% recycled cooking oil and 75% jet fuel.

After the first such flight Friday, the concept will be tested on 24 round-trip trans-Atlantic trips every Thursday for the next six months.

KLM executive Camiel Eurlings jokingly told the New York Post that "it smelled like fries" while the plane was being fueled.

The waste oil from frying up crawfish, cracklins and other Cajun specialties is refined at a Louisiana plant, then trucked to JFK.

KLM says the cooking oil reduces polluting carbon emissions up to 80%.