NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has re-issued the "bountygate" discipline over players Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Scott Fujita, and Anthony Hargrove, this according to Mike Florio of

Today's discipline comes 31 days after an appeals panel vacated the punishment of all 4 players, noting that Goodell wasn't clear as to whether his punishments were because of "conduct detrimental to the league" or a "salary cap violation."

Today's news hardly means an end to the "bountygate" mess, as all 4 players have the right to appeal.

[UPDATE] - Goodell has reduced the suspension of Scott Fujita (currently with the Cleveland Browns) from 3 games to 1, and reduced the suspension of free agent defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove from 8 games to 7.

Vilma and Smith's suspensions remain intact. Vilma was suspended for the entire season, while Smith is suspended 4 games.

All 4 players have 72 hours to appeal. In the event of an appeal, all 4 player suspensions would be temporarily lifted.