Santa, (Brandon Wade/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway)

Two people were shot just after the noon hour on Black Friday, police say, over what they believe was a dispute over a parking space.  In Massachusetts police say a man left his girlfriend's two-year-old son in the car to go in and purchase a t.v.

Fox News reported on both stories. In the first story, police say they think there was some sort of fight about a parking spot that lead to a man and woman being shot!  Both are expected to make a full recovery.  In the second story, police say the man told them he left the toddler in the car to go into Kmart to buy a t.v. on sale then he didn't remember where the boy was so he got a ride and went home!  Has the whole world lost their minds?? Yep!

I can't believe that some people are so crazy they would shoot someone over a parking spot, and a man would leave a little boy alone in a car!  What is our world coming to?  You know it....people are so selfish, and some of them may need some serious therapy!

We have lost our way, many of us.  That deals and parking spaces are more important than human life, is just plain ridiculous.  I hope they find the shooter, and now that they found the t.v. guy at his own home, sans the boy, I hope they throw the book at them.  But, watch, it won't be enough!  I just bet these people don't get the "wake-up" call.  Wait until next year.  We will probably here more stories like this one.

A lady told me yesterday that while she was shopping at a Lafayette Wal-mart, she saw people pushing and shoving each other over deals.  She says it was one of the scariest things she ever saw. She says she will never put herself in that situation again.  She says people were fighting because customers would steal items out of baskets so they could get the deals!  Really?  Life and dignity must mean nothing to these fools!

Now I admit, I can be "hot-headed" over truly important things, but these people are consumed by consumerism.  If they could only stop for a minute and realize that those silly things don't bring the happiness of Christmas.  If they could only look around, at their family, friends and the blessings that they have, then they would see the true meaning of Christmas.  For those of us who do believe, we have faith and hope.  Faith and hope that the world will be a better place.

So when you are busy, fooling around with wrapping, budgeting, and all the other things that come along with Christmas, don't let your temper flare.  Just remember that life is the people, not the things, and many blessings will be upon you.  Merry Christmas!