I love video games.  I will admit that I am addicted.  No worries, I can stop anytime I want to.  I just don't want to.

For years, people have looked down on those that play video games.  From the days of Pac-Man to the more modern fare like Starcraft, The Sims and other popular games, people have always thought less of those that play for some reason.  That is starting to change, but the process is a slow one.

So with that setting, we see someone like Google set up a fun diversion for those of us that like video games.  Check it out for yourself by going to Google and searching "zerg rush."  What you will see is a lot of "o's" that come from the Google logo begin to attack your results screen, taking down search result after search result.  But no fear, you can defend the search page with your mouse and even share your score when you are finally done.  It's another trick that Google brings us, comparable to the Pac-Man logo trick of a couple of years ago where you could actually play the logo at the top of their page.

Video Gamers like me are getting more and more mainstream and with game systems doing a lot more than just playing games, more and more people are getting sucked in to playing games and finding an outlet to enjoy themselves.  So to Google, who is giving a nod to gamers with this latest move, I can only say, "Thanks."