Wednesday afternoon Governor John Bel Edwards introduced the state to temporary homes for those affected by the recent flood.

The homes may resemble "FEMA trailers" from the past, but these housing quarters are better built and much more suitable for temporary living.

These "manufactured housing units" are HUD approved. As for applying for one of these homes, we'll have to wait until early next week on how to go about applying for one of these units.

The governor also introduced the state to the multifamily lease and repair program (MFRP). With this, buildings and homes that are up for rent would be quickly repaired and available to those that may be displaced at the time.

Another housing solution for flood victims is  the "Shelter at Home" idea. This would allow those rebuilding or repairing homes to stay put in their homes while the rebuilding process takes place. The funding would come from FEMA.

We'll continue to follow this story and keep you up to date on how and when housing is available for those affected by the recent flood.

Source [The Advocate]

Trey Schmaltz, WBRZ