Governor John Bel Edwards’ approval and disapproval ratings have both gone up in the past few months, according to a new poll from Southern Media and Opinion Research.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says that’s because 34% of respondents in a February poll either didn’t have an opinion or wouldn’t respond.

“He picked up about 9% of those went into what we would call positive ratings, but his unfavorables went to 15% higher than they were in February,” Pinsonat said.

The poll shows Edwards approval rating at 50%, which is 9 points higher than it was in the last poll, but his disapproval rating of 40% is 15 points higher. The survey also asked residents about the upcoming special session that will seek to raise revenues to address a 600-million dollar shortfall. Pinsonat says based on the results Edwards’ disapproval rating could rise even more if additional taxes are raised.

“John Bel Edwards apparently had some voters who are giving hi not so good job performance and poor job performance because of taxes. Louisiana is a red state. Voters don’t like to pay more taxes,” Pinsonat said.

According to the poll, 63% of respondents, particularly Republicans, say there is too much spending in state government. Also, 57% of voters surveyed are opposed to raising more taxes. Pinsonat says his poll also shows GOP lawmakers could be hesitant to raise taxes in the special session.

“This survey shows Republican voters less likely to get reelected if they vote for another $600 million in additional taxes,” Pinsonat said.

Republican respondents are 74% less likely to reelect their legislators if they vote to raise taxes.