Governor John Bel Edwards is calling on the Louisiana congressional delegation to oppose President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins October 1. The governor’s communications director Richard Carbo says they’re disappointed the budget repeals the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, which entitles Louisiana to a portion of offshore drilling revenue for oil leases.

“The state is expected to receive over $140 million next year alone that goes directly towards coastal restoration where we have a significant amount of land loss every year,” Carbo said.

Louisiana is set to receive its first GOMESA payment in October 2018. Carbo says they’re also concerned the President is calling for a cut to federal funding for Medicaid patients by eliminating Medicaid expansion coverage. He says that’s why they’re calling for Louisiana’s congressional delegation to reject the White House budget proposal.

“Protect the health coverage that 428,000 people in the state have received in the last year thanks to the Medicaid expansion because it’s also saving the state a significant amount of money,” Carbo said.

Carbo says they understand the need to balance the budget, but this spending plan does it in a way that’s harmful to Louisiana and its citizens. He says the governor will also make his concerns known to Vice President Mike Pence when he visits Baton Rouge today.

“The governor will raise some of the concerns about coastal restoration funding and Medicaid expansion, and he’ll like have some kind of letter for the Vice President to take back with him outlining our concerns,” Carbo said.