Governor John Bel Edwards sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to cut the red tape so Louisiana can get started on coastal restoration projects. Executive Director of the Coastal Restoration and Protection Authority, Johnny Bradberry, says the projects are part of the coastal restoration masterplan.

“These five projects represent $3 billion worth of investment, and the good thing about all this is that we have the money to do these,” Bradberry said.

Bradberry says the projects will be funded through BP’s restoration payments to the state over the next few years. He says the President is looking for projects that are ready to go and having funding methods in place. He says they’re hoping Mr. Trump can help fast track the federal approval process.

“Do we have the permitting done on them, and do we have all the regulatory hurdles crossed. Hopefully he’ll help us do that by approving and recognizing these projects,” Bradberry said.

Bradberry says two of the projects are sediment diversion, others prevent saltwater intrusion into our marshes, and another introduces freshwater into the Maurepas Swamp. Bradberry says these projects are vital because they protect industries that operate along Louisiana’s coast.

“If we could get help on fast tracking the permitting process and the environmental review processes and the federal agency processes, then we could be breaking ground on these projects in the next three years,” Bradberry said.