I never thought I would see such imitation of tactics as we see now with Republican Governor Bobby Jindal following in the footsteps of Democratic President Barack Obama.

The President has said he has no plans to balance the budget but is instead focused on the important issues of growing the economy and creating jobs yet he had done neither. Governor Jindal proposed elimination of state income tax without any worry about the looming one plus billion dollar budget deficit.  The President has not submitted a budget in a timely fashion as required by law the entire time he has been in office while Governor Bobby Jindal continues to rely on one-time money to balance the state budget.  Their means may not be the same but the lack of leadership is.  Obama expects Congress to cave to his demands for action without having to use any diplomacy to reach a compromise while Governor Jindal proposes a grandiose scheme to eliminate income tax then decides at the last minute to deep-six the plan and chiding the Legislature to come up with something.

We have a Harvard educated President who must never have taken an economics class or a relationship class such as Dale Carnegie or kindergarten.  On the other hand we have a Rhodes Scholar Governor who must not have taken any interest in economics but focused on achieving higher office at the cost of his state.  Both of them can say they proposed great things but were hindered at every turn by others.

Governor Jindal has said he's not worried about his dismal approval ratings in the state and President Obama has nothing to worry about because he is President and the office of King is not available....yet.  Jindal has not worried about his in-state ratings because he is more concerned about projecting a presidential image to the rest of the country.

I think neither one knows anything about leadership, economics or diplomacy and this reminds me of the old public service announcement line "A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

If awards were handed out for accomplishments in public office both Jindal and Obama would win lifetime achievement awards for best use of smoke and mirrors.