Governor Jindal's proposed budget for the fiscal year that starts in
July plugs a big revenue gap - partially - by laying off up to 2000
state employees.

The Governor says cutting further full-time employee positions, or FTE's, will contribute to more efficient government.  (Mr. Jindal says less than half those positions are currently filled.)  The Governor's Executive Budget weighs in at $24.9-billion. He says it uses only about $400-million in one-time revenues to help plug the $1.6-billion budget gap. He says the state is saving hundreds of millions by making state agencies run leaner and more efficiently.  Mr. Jindal's budget assumes the sale of three state prisons and increased state employee retirement payments. He says his budget has no

further cuts to health care, fully funds K-12 schools and protects funding for colleges and universities. (Comm. of Admin. Paul Rainwater presents the budget to state lawmakers this morning.)