Governor John Bel Edwards says the special interest group that's running attack ads accusing him of breaking his promise about keeping existing school vouchers is not telling the truth. He told reporters Thursday that no student currently receiving a voucher, would lose it.

"I have consistently said I was not going to end the voucher program, nor would I propose taking them away from students who already receive them," said Edwards.
Edwards says he's been told by the Department of Education that there is no plan to take a voucher away from a student, and that he is disingenuously being called a liar. He told a pro-voucher man at the news conference that he never said he was going to zero out funding for vouchers.
"Find where I said where I was going to zero out vouchers. Find where that happened, because you're not going to find it," said Edwards.
Edwards says there are cuts coming to several areas of the state due to the shortfall, and the voucher special interests are upset they aren’t getting preferential treatment.