After passing two major bills dealing with education in Louisiana, is the Governor due for a rest? The answer appears to be "no."

His next endeavor is to take on the state retirement system, which is currently under a lot of pressure and debt.

The Governor is planning a list of changes that includes an increase in the retirement age to 67, an increase in the rate workers pay from 8 to 11 percent of their pay and the creation of a cheaper plan for new workers.  The plan would not make changes for public school teachers and law enforcement officials.

The plan has some state workers ready to put up a fight.  Those workers have a greater ability to resist the new changes, given their size and organization. Still, political analyst Bernie Pinsonat noted that, "Jindal has the votes to push the reforms through."

Some are saying that the changes are unconstitutional.  The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office, who would be impacted by the changes, had an analysis worked up that says the key proposals are likely to be ruled that way.  The Jindal Administration shot back that the analysis that was done was "riddled with errors."

KPEL will keep you updated on the progress of the reforms.