Governor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry are in court today after the governor sued the AG for blocking state legal contracts that had wording to protect members of the LGBT community from workplace discrimination. Jeremy Alford of says it’s very unusual to see statewide elected officials sue another.

“In this particular case, the attorney general has an interesting argument. He’s saying that he’s following the intent of the legislature, which has never looked favorably upon these discrimination laws.”

Alford says the Governor is making moves by executive order and expects we’ll continue to see these trends throughout the remainder of his term. He says this could be a tough case for the judge to decide.

“What laws will the judges have to stand on to make decisions on this case moving forward. I guess more importantly, whether it sets any kind of precedence for this coming term.”

Alford says this feud between Governor Edwards and AG Landry has really been going on since the day the two were sworn into office and expects it will continue.

“The governor has already said he’s planning to run for reelection and the speculation in the political circles is that Jeff Landry may be a potential GOP contender for governor in 2019.”