Governor John Bel Edwards has sent a letter to President Trump asking him to defend Louisiana's ability to offer medical marijuana. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has requested a federal mandate that protects a state's legal medical marijuana activity to be reversed.

Senator Fred Mills authored the 2016 law authorizing the regulation of cannabis treatment here.

"It would be a tragedy to stop a program that is nearing commercialization for clients," said Mills.
Recent polling in Louisiana indicates that there is broad support for the availability of medical marijuana treatment for those in need. Mills says tackling this type of program would be a horrible step back for people that need this medication.
"Especially for debilitating conditions, that's just not humane," said Mills.
Mills says Louisiana has the most conservative medical rules and laws in the nation. He says the program will work, and the federal government needs to stay out of the way.
"It is more or less a prescription product that will be monitored," said Mills. "And it's grown by two universities so there won't be diversion taking place."