Governor Bobby Jindal issued a fiery response to the Times-Picayune's story dealing with education. After a education union leader was quoted in the story saying that low income parents have no clue about education because they are too busy trying to live, Governor Jindal was steamed.

Governor Jindal was quoted saying that it's a very telling indictment of where out education system is today and shows the amount of change we need. His full letter and statements can be seen below.


Dear Friends-


In today's Times-Picayune, an education union leader sunk to a new low and attacked parents who only want to make the best choice for their children. Believe it or not, a union leader said that low-income parents "have no clue" about how to choose a school for their child.


The union leader's comments are just the type of top-down, arrogant, elitist mentality that has badly damaged our system of public education in this country. I believe that parents – regardless of their income or circumstances – know what's best for their children. It's ridiculous and insulting to say that parents can't make decisions in the best interest of their children.


When a union leader makes such an offensive comment, it's a very telling indictment of where our education system is today and shows the amount of change we need. The union leaders will attack anyone who tries to stand in their way. They attack me for trying to reward good teachers and they attack parents who want the ability to make the right choice for their kids. Union leaders think government knows best about how to educate our kids, but I trust moms and dads to make decisions.


Today, I met with a group of mothers who simply want more choices for their kids because they are not getting the education they deserve. As many of the mothers said, nobody knows their children like they do and they only want the right to make choices for their kids.


That's why our reform plan gives EVERY child an opportunity to get a great education. I trust parents of any background to do what's best for their children.