Some of the organizations who have stood up for the new plan include the Louisiana Federation for Children, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and the Black Alliance For Educational Options.

Eddie Respone, Chairman of the Louisiana Federation for Children, said, "The governor’s bold plan to transform publicly-funded education in Louisiana will ensure every child has access to the quality education they deserve. We stand with Governor Jindal and legislative leaders in their push to significantly improve the futures of thousands of Louisiana children."

Rayne Martin, Executive Director of Stand For Children, was quoted saying, "Given my experience over the last few years in the education community and the many conversations that have taken place calling for such changes, I am excited to support the initiatives focused on increasing teacher and leader effectiveness within the Jindal plan.  We are thankful for all the hard work of the Jindal administration who have taken the time to incorporate input of various stake holders in the education community. These measures will transform Louisiana's K-12 education system to truly provide a high quality education to all children."

LABI President Dan Juneau said, “For our efforts in reforming education to be successful, we must make sure that we seek out and reward good educators and schools and dramatically change what’s not working, instead of turning a blind eye to a system that’s failing many of our students. We have to give superintendents more of a role in addressing the concerns of parents in how their child is learning. We have to empower principals and school officials to make positive changes for their schools, instead of subjecting them to a system of red tape and bureaucracy that hinders change and, most importantly, we have to reward good teachers who are engaged with parents and providing our children with a quality education. These ideals put forward by the Governor are essential if we are to move our education system forward, and we fully support his efforts.”

Jimmy Maurin, Chairman of Blueprint Louisiana, said, "Access to a quality education is a fundamental right we must provide as leaders and as parents. We support the governor in his effort to put education reform, including early childhood education, at the forefront of his second term.  In fact, new research by economists at Harvard and Columbia universities highlights the lasting impact a good teacher can have on a student's life.  We should be willing to do everything we can to foster a positive learning environment in all of Louisiana's classrooms.  Our children, parents, teachers and administrators deserve nothing less."

The new plan will be laid out for legislation on March 12.