GRAND ISLE, La. (AP) — In Grand Isle, a barrier island that took a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac overnight, damage was reported to be widespread.

Jesse Delcambre, who stayed in the town hall because her fiance is a town employee, said the island was still covered by about 2 feet of water on Wednesday morning.

"The houses over here are all 12, 14 feet above ground on pilings." The few on slabs are flooded, she said.

Jefferson Parish President John Young said the island may have been covered by up to 5 feet of water during the storm. An evacuation had been ordered for the island's 1,300 residents before the storm hit. Young said no more than 40 people rode out the storm on the resort island.

Here are some pictures courtesy of Grand Isle Councilman Scooter Reseweber sent to KPEL by Congressman Jeff Landry