If you're cleaning up flood damage in your home, business or a neighbor's house, you're dealing with mold.

It's one of the rudest visitors ever. You have to treat it like an uninvited guest, according to houselogic.com.

You have to think like an exterminator. Mold is a living thing. It can grow on any surface.

Mold needs 3 things to survive: warmth, moisture, and food. It's summertime in south Louisiana. Warmth & moisture are in abundant supply. Your best bet to kill this unwelcome visitor is to deprive it of food and moisture.

Ventilate affected areas. If you can get your hands on a dehumidifer, that will help.

To deprive it of food, thoroughly clean all surfaces. Bleach isn't necessary. In fact, it's ineffective. It removes the stain but doesn't kill the mold.

Re caulk sinks and countertops, eliminating crevices where it loves to grow.