The Winging It Wednesday panelists joined the "Morning With Ken & Bernie" program again this morning for another full schedule of debate.  They tackled the issues of protesting in Greece and what each of the panelists think of Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann.

Panelists Warren Caudle, Mike Stagg and Carol Ross spoke about these issues with the panelists talking about their predictions for America based on what is happening with Greece's debt crisis.

Each of the panelists then each gave thier opinion of Michelle Bachmann with Democrat Mike Stagg saying that he was very surprised at Bachmann's many campaign blunders thus far.  Ross and Caudle were not so critical off Bachmann.

When asked about the pledge of allegiance, each of the panelists said they would be happy to say the pledge.  We were talking about the pledge earlier in the morning after a city council in Oregon refused to say the pledge.