I can understand wanting something that you can't have.  We have all been jealous.  When we were kids, and we didn't want to share toys with another kid, that made us greedy.  But a case that went to court this week in Brooklyn really takes the case, or in this instance, it takes the shoes, blush, hair and all.

A guy in Brooklyn went to court yesterday, facing allegations that he kept dressing up in his mom's clothes so he could go the bank and cash her checks.  Thomas Prusik-Parkin, prosecutors say, dressed up like his mom, donning a wig, sunglasses and her signature red dress.  She apparently always in a red dress, and it even mentions that on her tombstone.  Everyone is talking about the lady in red," it reads.

The son is accused of collecting Irene Prusik's Social Security check and getting her rent subsidies for six years after her death in 2003.  The district attorney says he would were the full get up of mom's outfit right down to the nail polish and scarf.

Now, can you imagine going to these extremes to steal?  Would you do this?  Heck no! It's just too wild!  Would you do what he did?  Dress up in a dress, and falsify records to get subsidies on the $2.2 million dollar Park Slope apartment building that she willed to him.

“No one has that number,” Special Agent Gilberto Camilo said of the Social Security number on the mom’s death certificate. “That number does not exist.”

I can imagine wanting lots of things: a bigger house, a bigger car and much more money in my bank account, but I am not going to steal to get it.  I am also not going to dress up in men's clothes to try to impersonate someone else.  What's happened to us as a society that we can't just work for a living, live within our means, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life?

Would you dress in drag to get the money???