LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- The Greenroom in downtown Lafayette is usually a place where you can chill out, have a beer, and play a game of pool. It provides a different atmosphere for those looking to get away from the clubs on the rest of Jefferson Street.

You can also take in the local art scene as paintings from local artists adorn the walls of the popular bar. But that scene took a hit Saturday night after a group of three men were caught on surveillance camera stealing one of those paintings.

The Greenroom is not taking the theft lightly, ripping the thieves on their Facebook page and using terms that are less than appropriate for our website.

Three men are captured on camera--one wearing a plaid shirt with a golfer's hat, another wearing a teal blue polo shirt, and another with long curly hair and black glasses.

It appears the man in the teal blue polo shirt is taking the painting off the wall. The man in the plaid shirt is then seen walking out of the building with the picture in his left hand.

The Greenroom is asking the three men to turn themselves in, or they will involve police.