A Lafayette Parish parents group is trying to stop two charter school operators from moving into their district.

Their concern is that it does not provide help with the problems they have already, and it may undermine the good programs they have in place.

That's not the only issues they how though.  The group has an issue with why one charter school did not reveal management problems that were raised in audits of two New York schools.

The New York State Comptroller Office's audits of the Buffalo United School along with the Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School show a lease payment that was $800,000 over the market value at one of the schools they oversee.

One parent says it should have been disclosed by National Heritage Academies in their application to Louisiana's Department of Educationl.

The decision about the application for Louisiana Achievement Charter Acadmies could be made by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education this week.

The parents group plans to hold a rally in Baton Rouge this Tuesday at 10 AM.

They are calling their efforts "SWAMP BESE" and have started a Facebook page and twitter feed for it.