Secret Service agents are falling like flies after Columbia-gate.  What about the General Services Administration? I'll admit the Secret Service agents were guarding the President of the United States but the GSA clowns were wasting our money in a huge and arrogant way.

Cavorting with prostitutes either on or off duty when protecting the President seems to be enough to get fired and lose your pension but what about the government employees wasting at least hundreds of dollars of tax payer money?  The Secret Service agents will suffer for years without jobs or pensions plus whatever havoc this scandal will inflict on their personal lives.  On the other hand the GSA employees have posted embarrassing videos on line then refused to testify when questioned by Congress.  GSA's Jeff Neely got called before Congress and invoked his fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself.  How about we slap you in a cell until you decide the fifth amendment does not apply to crooks who steal from the American taxpayers and then have the chutzpa to mock them in a video.

Here's a sample of some of  the GSA's activities.

Money spent on a clown suit, exercise bikes and a mind reader as well as hip-hop style videos in which agency employees are seen boasting about the yet-uncovered, excessive spending.

In addition to this Las Vegas event GSA employees took a week-long trip to Hawaii last year for a one-hour ribbon cutting ceremony for space leased by the federal government.

“Jackass” awards were created at conferences so there could be award ceremonies with taxpayer-funded meals. "Jackass" awards?  They got part of the title right.  How about "Jackass Crook" awards?

So far Jeff Neely is on administrative leave and still not answering Congressional questions.  In 2010 Daniel Voll, former deputy commissioner in the western region of the GSA's Public Buildings Service plead guilty to using government credit cards to defraud the American taxpayers.  It seems to me when a deputy commissioner of a governmental agency pleads guilty to defrauding, a deeper investigation is warranted.

I certainly hope that Jeff Neely meets the same fate as the Secret Service agents and there is prison time associated with his antics.  The Secret Service agents did not steal from the American taxpayer but Neely and his cohorts did perform the same service as the Columbian prostitutes.

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