Tomorrow has been designated as "Gun Appreciation  Day" where Americans can show their support for gun ownership. Organizer Larry Ward says he is encouraging Americans who love their gun rights to go to ranges, gun shops and gun shows and bring along their copy of the constitution along with a sign that reads, "Keep your hands off my gun"!

He says he believes it is time for gun owners to turn out to these venues to show their support for gun rights in America.

He says the idea was brought about in response to proposed gun control policies that were initiated because of the mass shooting that killed 20 kindergarteners and 6 adults in a Connecticut school.

Ward says a coalition of gun rights and conservative groups has designated Saturday as "Gun Appreciation Day", so it will  be a day where Americans can show their support for gun ownership.

Ward says they hope "Gun Appreciation Day" will rival Chick-fil-A appreciation day last August, which led to people going to their local  Chick-fil-A in support of the fast-food chain's CEO, who made it known he was a firm backer of traditional marriage. Ward says it's time for gun owners to turn out en masse at gun stores, ranges and shows.

He adds that the Obama administration is trampling on the Constitutional rights of Americans with its gun control policies. He says Saturday will allow second-amendment supporters to protest the President's assault on gun rights.