On this edition of "Wingin' It Wednesday" panelist discussed the topic on everyone's minds in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. Gun Control. Panelist Mike Stagg, Carol Ross, and Tom Angers joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" for a heated debate.

Here’s what the panel had to say:

1.  Connecticut shootings.  What can we do about the violence?  Is gun control the answer?

Tom Angers started us off:

No, gun control is not the answer.

The problem is schools have become fundamentally unsafe. You need armed guards in the schools. If you had an armed guard who could have received this killing in progress perhaps he could have saved some of these children and adults.

The idea of gun control is not the answer. There needs to be a program to screen these mentally ill people. Any signs or signals of this mental illness need to be identified.

The issue is not the availability of guns, the issue is the lack of discovery and monitoring of the kind of people who do this. And there are going to be more like this because some mentally ill people want to take out others before they go out.

Mike Stagg added:

The hell there isn't a connection.

You look at these mass shootings we've had in the last 4-5 years where people gets these extended clips and they use semi-automatic weapons. Those guns and those clips are used for no other reasons than killing people. There is no utility for those guns. How many slugs do you have to put into a deer? Those guns aren't used for hunting, they are used for killing people.

The mother of the shooter was one of these people that believes this paranoid stuff that's been floating around the right for the past few years about the impending collapse of society. She was stockpiling weapons and supplies for that purpose and it jumped up and bit her. This whole notion that, "had there just been more guns", she was a gun owner. She got killed with her own guns.

There was a reason we had an assault riffle ban in this country. We need to reinstate that ban. There is no use for these guns other than killing people.

Carol Ross countered:

Lets try to put a little logic into this. This is a heinous crime. Totally inexplicable, but lets look at some of the usual liberal arguments.

More gun control? Some of the cities with the highest gun control have the highest gun violence. Chicago has the equivalent of a Sandy Hook every day.

Then we look at "gun free zones". Schools, churches, and movie theaters happen to be the venues of choice for people to commit these heinous crimes. Why? Because they are gun free zones. There won't be anyone there to fire back.

Background checks? Wouldn't have helped in this case. Those guns were legally purchased by his mother.

Violent video games and movies? Millions play and they don't kill.

Because of liberal progressive agenda we want to de-institutionalize everybody, well some people need to be institutionalized.

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