A "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" listener has informed us that on recent visit to the hospital for her child, she was asked to fill out a Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals questionnaire form that included questions that asked about living conditions in her home.

These questions included queries about the number of occupants currently living in her home, the number of rooms in her home, ect. However, one question in particular has us questioning the validity of the questionnaire.

According to the KPEL listener, the question asked,

Do you have any guns in your house, and if so are they locked up?

To us, the question is an invasion of privacy. However, Mike, a Nurse Practitioner called in to inform us that hospitals use that question as a teachable moment to inform people about gun safety.

Our question to you is, are questions about firearms in your house on questionnaires like this an invasion of privacy, or are they valid opportunities for gun education? Let us know.