Today marks a milestone for the state of Louisiana as we officially become 200 years young. It was on this day, April 30th, 1812, that the state was formally inducted into the United States.

Louisiana would become the 18th state to join the Union.

Louisiana's history has always been one of the most interesting histories in comparison with many other states. Louisiana has had many different leaders and been under the control of many different nations. Just to give you an idea of the state's history and what it entails, the area was discovered by the Spanish, then claimed by the French, then given to the Spanish and British after the Seven Years' War, then purchased back by the French in 1800. You can especially see the Spanish influence when you visit New Orleans and see the Spanish architecture.

A truly defining moment in the state's history is when the Acadians from Canada made their way down here when the British forced them from their homes, thus providing us with Cajun culture.

The state would prove it's usefulness over and over again with the Port of New Orleans during war times and for trading with the many nations of the world. During WWII and afterwards, the port of New Orleans would see an influx of new industries coming to the area in order to be able to ship materials quickly. This would boost Louisiana's economy significantly.

The state has always been a force of it's own. When the great depression was hurting the nation, the state stayed strong with Governor Huey P. Long, one of the state's most prominent figures in it's political history, with creating new jobs by expanding roads and highways. During Long's reign as governor, the state would also see a huge increase in the oil and gas industry, and this would stay prevalent until the present day.

To top that off, Louisiana can also be thanked for jazz, zydeco, Tabasco, The French Market, Cajun cuisine, a great seafood industry, the New Orleans Saints, Mardi Gras, and so much more.