A national sensation made it's way to Acadiana as the Harlem Shake was seen taking place this weekend.  It was all part of an effort put together by Hot 107.9, sister station to Newstalk 96.5 KPEL.  The video was shot on Saturday at Parc Sans Souci with several notables and a costumed cast of people that heard about it through that and other Townsquare Media stations.

The premise is for costumed people to dance to the song, "Harlem Shake."  It was first made popular after 5 teens from Australia recorded a video that was uploaded to YouTube.  Many others began copying the video and performing it with slight adjustments for their particular area or organization.

When you watch the video put together locally, you will not only see people in costumes, but also a few notable things that make it uniquely Acadiana.  First, you see Sharon Moss of Moss Motors along with City Parish President Joey Durel and Tracy Wirtz of KATC TV-3's Good Morning Acadiana.  They appear to be eating crawfish while dancing happens around them.  All told, the video takes around 30 seconds, but in that time, there is no doubt that this is something that was made especially in Acadiana.

DJ Digital, Brand Manager for Hot 107.9 says that the idea came together after thinking about something more simple.  He said,

At first we planned on doing one with just the hot 107.9 crew here in the studio, but then we thought: 'what if we could make this bigger? what if we could make this something for the entire community?' At first the idea sounded far fetched, but i was pointed in the direction of Kate Durio at DLU who was incredibly receptive of the idea and instrumental in putting the pieces in place to make this seemingly far-fetched 'what if?' a reality.

The effort was made to make sure that it was unique for the area.  Dj Digital said,

We wanted to shoot a Harlem Shake video for Lafayette that literally everyone in the community could be a part of, and that would be entertaining for anyone from the area and beyond who watched it. I'm happy to say that both of those missions were accomplished.

Check out the video that they worked on below and let us know what you think about this local effort.