So this week a research paper indicates that men with heart disease are more likely to have prostate cancer.  Since having prostate cancer surgery last February I look back at my heart surgery ten years ago and think the research may be right!  In addition I may be having a heart valve replacement later this month.  Double wow!

My opinion for the men is listen to your wife or girlfriend.  She is not nagging she just wants to protect you.  Of course if she is not pushing you to get a regular physical and prostate exam she may be telling you something else!

Ten years ago while donating blood it was discovered I was in A-fib and wound up having a half inch of aorta removed near the heart.  The aorta was clogging with scar tissue from a heart murmur.  My wife insisted I keep all of my prostate exam appointments and after three biopsies cancer was discovered.  After successful surgery I am cancer-free after a year so I thought I was "good to go".

Wrong!  Kathy insisted that I reschedule a visit to the cardiologist that I skipped due to the prostate surgery.  During the visit I breezed through the nuclear stress test but the echo-cardiogram discovered major blockage of the aortic valve.  The follow-up angiogram indicated significant calcium blockage of the aortic valve.  Looks like I will once again have a close personal relationship with a very sharp knife in the next week.

In my opinion I think the research is correct!  If you're over 40 get a physical yearly and don't skip the prostate exam.  Some guys say the exam is embarrassing.  Would you prefer to be embarrassed or looking at grassroots instead of green grass?  Look at the physical this way, it's an exam you don't have to study for.

You'll thank me and her later.

She's not nagging but wants to keep you around.  She has mentioned the exams right?